Wednesday April 23, 2014
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3/27/14 Hundreds of immigrants rally at Capitol demanding right to a drivers license Saint Paul, MN
2/19/14 Hundreds of St Paul teachers and supporters rally at school board Saint Paul, MN
3/18/14 Immigrant struggle for drivers licenses heats up in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
3/19/14 Immokalee workers demand higher wages from Publix Lakeland, FL
1/09/14 Insane Clown Posse takes on FBI Detroit, MI
3/04/14 Interview on United We Dream Congress, hunger strike Orlando, FL
1/01/14 Israeli reconnaissance plane circles Beirut environs for 9 hours Lebanon
1/11/14 Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon dies Palestine
3/20/14 Israeli war planes, artillery attack Syria Syria
2/10/14 Job growth in January weak for second month in a row San José, CA
2/16/14 Jordan Davis trial verdict fails to deliver justice, the people respond Jacksonville, FL
1/08/14 Korean leader attends DPRK-U.S. basketball game Democratic People's Republic of Korea
3/27/14 LA students paint mural commemorating 1968 high school walkouts Los Angeles, CA
3/30/14 Land Day: PFLP calls for national struggle to defend and liberate the entire land of Palestine Palestine
3/17/14 Leftist wins presidency in El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador
2/19/14 Lessons from the UAW’s defeat at Volkswagen United States
4/09/14 Los Angeles Unified School District Board backs call to stop deportations! Los Angeles, CA
2/27/14 March commemorates Trayvon Martin killing Newark, NJ
2/20/14 Medea Benjamin speaks with anti-war leaders in Miami Miami, FL
3/09/14 Miami celebrates International Women’s Day Miami, FL
4/07/14 Milwaukee based People’s Books Co-op boycotts Israel Milwaukee, WI
3/02/14 Milwaukee protests ICE raids Milwaukee, WI
3/06/14 Milwaukee protests U.S. intervention in Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
3/30/14 Minneapolis forum on Ukraine crisis and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
3/17/14 Minneapolis protests growing danger of a new cold war and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN