Sunday December 4, 2022
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Published Title Location
3/19/22 Metro teachers show solidarity with striking Minneapolis educators Minneapolis, MN
3/18/22 Starbucks workers in Colorado Springs file for unionization Colorado Springs
3/18/22 New Orleans trans and workers organizations demonstrate for International Women’s Day New Orleans
3/18/22 Minnesota: Public defense lawyers and support staff resist intimidation, ready to strike Minnesota
3/18/22 Minnesota: Public defense lawyers and support staff resist intimidation, ready to strike Minnesota
3/16/22 New York community group blasts NYPD’s treatment of women New York, NY
3/16/22 Healthcare workers at Minnesota Epilepsy Group begin 5-day strike Minneapolis, MN
3/15/22 Minneapolis teachers and support professionals strike enters week two Minneapolis, MN
3/14/22 Vigil in Elk River, MN demands “ICE out of Sherburne County” Elk River, MN
3/13/22 Community car caravan supports Minneapolis educators’ strike Minneapolis, MN
3/13/22 Eyewitness report day 3 of the PSUV 5th Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/13/22 How we learn: Theory and Practice United States
3/13/22 Minnesota: Public defense lawyers, support staff authorize strike Minneapolis, MN
3/11/22 Minneapolis teachers and education assistants holding strong on Day 4 of strike! Minneapolis, MN
3/11/22 Chicago: International Women’s Day celebration Chicago, IL
3/10/22 Day two of Minneapolis teachers strike St. Paul, MN
3/10/22 Grand Rapids, MI: FRSO rallies for reproductive rights on International Women’s Day Grand Rapids, MI
3/09/22 Tampa: International Women’s Day protest opposes attacks on reproductive freedom Tampa, FL
3/08/22 Minneapolis teachers and education support specialists begin open-ended strike with no deal in sight Minneapolis, MN
3/08/22 Dallas rallies against war with Russia Dallas, Texas
3/07/22 Eyewitness report from Venezuela: Second day of PSUV Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/07/22 Philippines: Women and toiling people, rise up amid grave crises Philippines
3/07/22 South Florida activists rally against war, NATO Hollywood, FL
3/07/22 Milwaukee: New International Women’s Day Coalition hosts first action Milwaukee, WI
3/07/22 Twin Cities takes to the streets for International Women’s Day Minneapolis, MN