Saturday August 2, 2014
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4/07/14 Chicago protest says: ‘Turkey, NATO, hands off Syria!’ Chicago, IL
6/22/14 Chicago protests new war on Iraq Chicago, IL
1/11/14 Chicago remembers Joe Hill Chicago, IL
1/23/14 Chicano activist Carlos Montes’ collection donated to LA’s Cal State University Los Angeles, CA
5/06/14 Chicano community protests police checkpoint Los Angeles, CA
5/21/14 China slams hacking charges, says U.S. “the biggest cyber bully” Washington D.C.
4/24/14 Clarksville SDS and community leaders prepare to confront Nazis Clarksville, TN
4/17/14 Clarksville SDS chapter receives Outstanding Student Organization Award Clarksville, TN
7/17/14 Clarksville Tennessee SDS Rally Says “Free Palestine!” Clarskville, TN
3/27/14 Crimea reunion with Russia sets back U.S., EU and NATO drive in Ukraine Ukraine
1/07/14 Cuba’s infant mortality rate lowest in history, better than U.S. Havana, Cuba
7/15/14 Dallas protesters slam Israeli aggression Dallas, TX
5/29/14 Deportations to continue at a record pace all summer San José, CA
6/14/14 Disbelief as FBI frames up St. Petersburg Florida man Tampa, FL
2/26/14 Documents for raids on anti-war activists unsealed United States
6/06/14 Donbas challenges U.S. backed Ukrainian fascists Ukraine
3/09/14 Dream Defenders confront lawmakers, Governor Scott, at opening of legislative session Tallahassee, FL
5/14/14 Eastern Ukraine voters show courage, unity in the face of fascism Chicago, IL
1/16/14 Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits held up in Senate Washington D.C.
4/10/14 Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) passes Senate Washington D.C.
6/02/14 Eyewitness to Syria presidential election: Is the end to the U.S. war in sight? Damascus, Syria
2/19/14 Faculty strike at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Chicago, IL
1/19/14 FARC demands repatriation of Ricardo Palmera Colombia
1/09/14 FARC responds to Washington Post report on U.S. killings in Colombia Colombia
5/07/14 FBI questioning Chicago Palestinian community members Chicago, IL