Tuesday December 11, 2018
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10/22/18 Chicago Local 705 Teamsters raise possibility of strike Chicago, IL
2/26/18 Chicago march for worker’s rights Chicago, IL
12/03/18 Chicago People's Thanksgiving rejects Rahm, demands a people's agenda Chicago, IL
9/17/18 Chicago protest demands: Justice for Laquan McDonald! Convict Van Dyke! Chicago, IL
7/16/18 Chicago protest planned to demand justice for Harith Augustus Chicago, IL
11/15/18 Chicago Teachers Union set to strike at UNO/Acero on Dec. 4 Chicago, IL
10/16/18 Chicago Teamsters consider strike at UPS Chicago, IL
11/11/18 Chicago Teamsters to resume negotiations with UPS Chicago, IL
5/23/18 Chicago: Victims of dirty cop challenge their convictions Chicago, IL
11/05/18 Chicanos welcome Central American caravan Los Angeles, CA
5/08/18 China’s leader Xi Jinping speaks at Beijing gathering to mark 200-year anniversary of Marx’s birth China
3/20/18 Clerical, technical workers rally at major Minneapolis hospital for decent contract Minneapolis, MN
9/01/18 Colombian political prisoner “Sonia” finally released from U.S. prison Washington DC
2/08/18 Colorado protest tells Senator Bennett ‘No Dream, no deal!’ Denver, CO
7/28/18 Commentary: Say Her Name, Justice for Nia Wilson Tallahassee
7/27/18 Commentary: The right-wing assault, post Janus New York, NY
10/18/18 Communist Party of Greece celebrates its 100th Anniversary in New York New York, NY
6/10/18 Communist Party of Greece solidarity message to the FRSO 8th Congress Greece
6/28/18 Communist Party of Philippines condemns entry of nuclear-capable supercarrier in territorial waters Manila, Philippines
6/15/18 Communist Party of Philippines condemns violent dispersal of Nutriasia workers strike Nutriasia
7/02/18 Communist Party of Philippines says ‘Duterte ouster is highly possible’ Philippines
6/21/18 Communist Party of Philippines: On Duterte’s demand to hold talks in Philippines Manila, Philippines
7/10/18 Communist Party of Philippines: Revolutionaries do not seek power sharing Manila
6/07/18 Communist Party of the Philippines solidarity message to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization 8th Congress United States
3/25/18 Communist Party of the Philippines: Defend human rights against state terrorism Philippines