Saturday January 18, 2020
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1/07/20 Chicago protests Trump’s attack in Iraq Chicago, IL
1/07/20 Cleveland activists rally against U.S. attack on Iran Cleveland, OH
1/09/20 Commentary: Australian bush fires are a product of capitalism Milwaukee, WI
1/15/20 Commentary: What justice looks like in Chicago Chicago, IL
1/07/20 Dallas: Hundreds rally against war with Iran Dallas, TX
1/16/20 Families and activists blast St. Paul Police Department’s “Decade of Disgrace” St. Paul, MN
1/14/20 Florida teachers rally at state capitol Tallahassee, FL
1/06/20 Grand Rapids, MI protest against war with Iran Grand Rapids, MI
1/13/20 Hundreds of South Floridians join several days of protests against war with Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
1/07/20 Iranian response to U.S. attack underway Minneapolis, MN
1/16/20 Iran’s president tells U.S. to get out of Middle East Washington DC
1/12/20 Iraq air base housing U.S. personnel struck by rockets Washington DC
1/06/20 Jacksonville demands #JusticeForJamee Jacksonville, FL
1/08/20 Juan Guaidó, the political joke of Venezuela Chicago, IL
1/15/20 Milwaukee meets Trump with huge protest Milwaukee, WI
1/13/20 Milwaukee: Momentum builds for protest at Trump visit Milwaukee, WI
1/06/20 Milwaukee: Protesters stand against act of war on Iran, say, “Not in our name” Milwaukee, WI
1/07/20 Milwaukee: Wisconsin FRSO responds to hit piece Milwaukee, WI
1/07/20 Minneapolis joins with 90 U.S. cities to say “U.S. troops out of Iraq - no war on Iran” Milwaukee, WI
1/16/20 Minnesota: Day 2 of snow plow drivers’ strike Duluth, MN
1/17/20 Minnesota: Major snow storm expected on Day 3 of snow plow drivers’ strike Ely, MN
1/15/20 Minnesota: Snow plow drivers on strike Duluth, MN
1/11/20 My journey to Aztlán Los Angeles, CA
1/06/20 NYC demands no war on Iran and Iraq New York, NY
1/06/20 Oshkosh, WI: Community rallies against war with Iran Oshkosh, WI