Tuesday June 6, 2023
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2/26/23 Minneapolis: East Phillips fight to stop Roof Depot demolition continues with legal win Minneapolis, MN
4/07/23 Minneapolis: MPD consent decree falls short and keeps power out of community hands Minneapolis, MN
4/17/23 Minnesotans defend medical abortion Minneapolis, MN
2/22/23 Minneapolis: Police swarm and arrest Roof Depot defenders Minneapolis, MN
5/03/23 Hundreds march in Minneapolis on International Workers Day Minneapolis, MN
2/02/23 MN Cuba car caravan: Take Cuba off the ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’ list Minneapolis, MN
4/13/23 Planned Parenthood workers rally to demand reinstatement of fired bargaining committee member Minneapolis, MN
4/03/23 Students picket to demand abortion clinics on all U of MN campuses Minneapolis, MN
2/15/23 Justice for East Palestine, defend East Phillips Minneapolis, MN
5/22/23 Cop running against socialist Minneapolis City Council member Aisha Chughtai instigates attack at nominating convention Minneapolis, MN
3/15/23 Minneapolis: Mayor, city council members play victim while poisoning neighborhood Minneapolis, MN
1/29/23 Minneapolis Fight Back! fundraiser massive success Minneapolis, MN
4/07/23 Minnesota: Grocery store workers at 33 Cub Foods stores win big on eve of strike Minneapolis, MN
2/10/23 Minneapolis city council calls on Biden administration to take Cuba off terrorism list, end embargo Minneapolis, MN
6/03/23 Fight for rent control in Minneapolis advances Minneapolis, MN
1/24/23 New year, same wars - MLK day of action in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
5/25/23 Coalition to March on RNC blasts policy allowing Milwaukee to keep body cam footage secret during RNC Milwaukee, WI
5/15/23 March on Senator Ron Johnson’s office in Milwaukee to demand end to U.S. aid to Israel Milwaukee, WI
1/07/23 Milwaukee: WFNHP Local 5000 leads a picket outside of Ascension CEO’s home Milwaukee, WI
3/26/23 Milwaukee: 2-year struggle over police transparency coming to crucial vote Milwaukee, WI
5/21/23 Milwaukee: Fire and Police Commission bend to police, suspend policy on release of video footage during Republican National Convention in July 2024 Milwaukee, WI
3/20/23 Milwaukee Anti-war Committee rallies for peace in Ukraine, against U.S. war machine Milwaukee, WI
5/02/23 FRSO Wisconsin hosts reportback on recent trip to Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
4/03/23 Milwaukee's Public Safety and Health Commission passes anti-closure resolution as pressure mounts on Ascension Milwaukee, WI
5/03/23 Milwaukee: Hundreds march for immigrant rights on May Day Milwaukee, WI