Monday May 23, 2022
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1/25/22 DPKK will not give up right to self defense Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
4/13/22 Appleton: 3rd Starbucks store in Wisconsin files moves to unionize Appleton, WI
4/18/22 Appleton, WI: SDS and FRSO rally in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle Appleton, WI
5/06/22 Appleton, WI: 2nd annual May Day rally Appleton, WI
4/05/22 Arlington, TX: Students demand Turning Point USA bigots get out of student government Arlington, TX
4/10/22 Texas: Progressive Student Union wins victory at referendum, fee hike stopped Arlington, TX
3/28/22 Texas rally against Gov. Abbot’s transphobic attacks Arlington, TX
4/18/22 Arlington, TX: Students say no to harassers in student government Arlington, TX
4/06/22 Arlington, TX: Bigot removed from student government Arlington, TX
4/10/22 Arlington, TX: Second Turning Point USA bigot forced out of student government Arlington, TX
5/07/22 Austin protests to keep abortion legal Austin, TX
2/25/22 Texas: UT-Austin students demand justice for Amir Locke Austin, TX
2/02/22 Texas: UT-Austin students rally for abortion rights Austin, TX
2/05/22 Baltimore: Protest demands: ‘No U.S., NATO war on Russia and Donbass’ Baltimore
5/03/22 LGBT+ Louisianans rally at legislators’ offices, staffers leave out back door Baton Rouge, LA
5/05/22 The full story of how Louisianans defeated the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill Baton Rouge, LA
3/06/22 PSUV 5th Congress held in Venezuela: Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution! Caracas, Venezuela
3/13/22 Eyewitness report day 3 of the PSUV 5th Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/07/22 Eyewitness report from Venezuela: Second day of PSUV Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/06/22 PSUV 5th Congress held in Venezuela: Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution! Caracas, Venezuela
2/16/22 Bigger than bomb threats: The political violence of national oppression Charleston, NC
1/07/22 Chicago teachers demand return to remote learning Chicago, IL
5/13/22 Anthony Gay: 97-year prison sentence for the theft of $1 Chicago, IL
3/11/22 Chicago: International Women’s Day celebration Chicago, IL
1/27/22 Protest demands freedom for prisoners facing COVID outbreak Chicago, IL