Friday August 17, 2018
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8/04/18 Family protests killing of Erick Aguirre by Rialto police department Los Angeles
8/06/18 WFTU condemns the assassination attempt against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro athens
4/10/18 CP of Venezuela: We should learn from the political conflict in Brazil Caracas, Venezuela
3/02/18 West Virginia teachers strike on day 7 Charleston, WV
3/04/18 West Virginia teachers’ strike to continue Monday Charleston, WV
2/28/18 CTA transit workers stuck with mediocre contract Chicago, IL
7/03/18 Open letter to our comrades and friends in the Black liberation movement Chicago, IL
5/23/18 Chicago: Victims of dirty cop challenge their convictions Chicago, IL
1/24/18 Jaime Hauad, victim of Chicago cop torture, released from prison Chicago, IL
5/18/18 Chicago community rebels against rigged hearing on police accountability Chicago, IL
5/15/18 Philippines labor leader visits Chicago to honor Haymarket martyrs Chicago, IL
5/12/18 High energy protest for Palestine on Chicago streets Chicago, IL
5/21/18 Large Chicago protest condemns Israeli massacres Chicago, IL
7/15/18 Arab community resists in Chicago suburb Chicago, IL
6/30/18 50,000 at Chicago Families Belong Together march Chicago, IL
4/21/18 Protest against torture and deportation of Philippines human rights activist Chicago, IL
7/11/18 Two-tier concession at UPS sparks outrage Chicago, IL
2/06/18 Black Liberation and socialism celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
3/03/18 Black Panther, the movie Chicago, IL
7/29/18 UPS contract ‘Town Hall’ signals desperation Chicago, IL
5/04/18 Karl Marx, Scientific Socialism and Black Liberation Chicago, IL
4/24/18 Details of torture of Filipino activist in San Francisco airport Chicago, IL
6/13/18 Ora Schub: In memoriam Chicago, IL
7/16/18 Chicago protest planned to demand justice for Harith Augustus Chicago, IL
5/02/18 Philippines labor union May First Movement places plaque on Haymarket monument Chicago, IL