Thursday June 8, 2023
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Published Title Location
12/31/22 Forward with the people’s struggles in 2023! Join the FRSO! United States
12/31/22 Fighting back and advancing the struggle in 2022 United States
12/30/22 Legalization for All Network condemns anti-immigrant Supreme Court ruling, demands end to Trump-era Title 42 United States
12/30/22 Che’s daughter Alida Guevara condemns the terrorist war on Syria Cuba
12/29/22 Among the first to lead this struggle: The legacy of Charlene Mitchell Chicago, IL
12/27/22 Anger as Miami judge rules against freedom for Alex Saab Miami, FL
12/26/22 A reading from Mao Zedong on his birthday: Combat Liberalism United States
12/24/22 Red Theory: The achievements of socialism in China United States
12/22/22 Milwaukee rally to save labor and delivery department at St. Francis Hospital Milwaukee, WI
12/22/22 Abortion Access Advisory Referendum added to spring 2023 election ballot Milwaukee, WI
12/22/22 Milwaukee: Justice for Brieon Green Coalition speaks to Fire and Police Commission Milwaukee, WI
12/22/22 ‘Chop from the Cops’ petition delivered at UW-Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
12/21/22 Minneapolis sends anti-war message for the holidays Minneapolis, MN
12/21/22 Minneapolis immigrant rights activists’ sit-in at Klobuchar’s office demands action on DACA Minneapolis, MN
12/21/22 Red Theory: On the restoration of capitalism in the USSR United States
12/19/22 Some in the shadow, some in the sun: A roundup of the semi-finals of the soccer World Cup Dallas, TX
12/18/22 FRSO: The contributions of Comrade Jose Ma. Sison will live forever! United States
12/18/22 Racine, WI: Labor and community turn out to support striking UAW Local 180 workers Racine, WI
12/17/22 Texas: Aaron Dean convicted of manslaughter Fort Worth, TX
12/16/22 Minneapolis: Battle against city plans to spread arsenic contamination in low-income neighborhood Minneapolis, MN
12/16/22 Victory for public education: Dr. Rocio Rivas wins LA school board seat Los Angeles, CA
12/15/22 U of MN SDS: Open letter to President Gabel and the board of regents Minneapolis, MN
12/15/22 Book review: Jon Melrod’s Fighting Times a new class struggle classic Minneapolis, MN
12/14/22 Minnesotans protest on International Human Rights Day Minneapolis, MN
12/14/22 Rail workers hold rallies across the U.S. calling for sick time Minneapolis, MN