Monday December 5, 2022
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Published Title Location
11/21/21 The farmers in India have won United States
11/19/21 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse United States
11/19/21 Tampa: Campaign to stop the new TPD Headquarters and City Center Tampa, FL
11/19/21 Climate Justice Committee-MN: Statement on the COP 26 Summit Minneapolis, MN
11/19/21 President Maduro addresses international allies during “Defense of Democracy and Truth in Venezuela” Tucson, AZ
11/19/21 WI FRSO: Sham Rittenhouse trial gets judge's desired verdict Kenosha, WI
11/18/21 Alex Saab pleads “Not guilty!” Miami, FL
11/18/21 Minneapolis: 6-years of struggle to get justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
11/17/21 Minneapolis bannering to demand asylum for Haitian immigrants Minneapolis, MN
11/17/21 Reactionary SOS Cuba movement falls on its face Cuba
11/17/21 Committee to Stop FBI Repression opposes Israeli moves to criminalize six Palestinian groups United States
11/16/21 Oppose Israel’s banning of popular Palestinian groups Grand Rapids, MI
11/15/21 Chicano movie screening of Nicaragua’s fight against U.S. imperialism Lincoln Heights, CA
11/13/21 Free Alex Saab, Venezuela Diplomat, Jailed by U.S. United States
11/10/21 Nicaragua elections a defeat for U.S. empire Nicaragua
11/09/21 Milwaukee Alliance hosts rally to focus the county budget on community, not cops Milwaukee, WI
11/08/21 Statement Against Israel Declaring Six Human Rights Organizations as “Terrorist” Chicago, IL
11/07/21 Women Against Military Madness: Stand with the Six Minneapolis, MN
11/07/21 Do-nothing measure on Minneapolis police voted down in referendum Minneapolis, MN
11/07/21 Bi-Co SDS acts in solidarity with Kellogg strikers Lancaster, PA
11/07/21 Coal miners vow to continue strike despite temporary restraining order From Alabama Judge Tuscaloosa, AL
11/07/21 Lenin talks about the October revolution Russia
11/05/21 New Orleans city council endorses demand for gender-affirming IDs New Orleans, LA
11/05/21 Join the FRSO General Members meeting United States
11/05/21 Tallahassee: Protester Ben Grant found not guilty Tallahassee, FL