Sunday December 4, 2022
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Published Title Location
3/23/21 Solidarity caravan arrives in Bessemer, AL to support Amazon workers’ organizing drive Bessemer, AL
3/23/21 Minnesota protest demands end to the war on immigrants Saint Paul, MN
3/22/21 Tallahassee community remembers Mychael Johnson Tallahassee, FL
3/21/21 Grand Rapids rally opposes anti-Asian murders Grand Rapids, MI
3/20/21 Standing up to anti-Asian violence and the struggle for full equality San Jose, CA
3/20/21 East Los Angeles sheriffs kill another young Chicano East Los Angeles, CA
3/20/21 Nurses in Madison WI demand a decent contract Madison, WI
3/20/21 Chicago: Coalitions unite to issue joint ordinance on police accountability Chicago, IL
3/19/21 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune marked by international webinar United States
3/19/21 Teamsters at UPS still angry about contract imposition by Hoffa Grand Rapids, MI
3/19/21 Michigan Stagehands rally for unemployment benefits and jobs Lansing, MI
3/19/21 Photo Essay: Minneapolis protest on day one of the trial of cop who killed George Floyd. Minneapolis
3/19/21 Photo Essay: Minneapolis protest on day one of the trial of cop who killed George Floyd. Minneapolis
3/17/21 CWA members rally against closures of union stores and outsourcing union jobs West Saint Paul, MN
3/15/21 FRSO Spring Fundraising drive: $100,000-plus needed for great leap forward United States
3/15/21 Appleton, WI: Lawrence University students rally for justice for George Floyd, Joel Acevedo Appleton, WI
3/15/21 Commentary on the ‘American Rescue Plan’ San José, CA
3/15/21 Michigan march for Breonna Taylor Grand Rapids, MI
3/13/21 More than a Name: The 100-year struggle to fund our communities Milwaukee, WI
3/12/21 Commentary: Union density rises in 2020, while job numbers shrink Chicago, IL
3/12/21 Jacksonville demands justice for George Floyd on the first day of the Chauvin trial Jacksonville, FL
3/12/21 Aurora stands in solidarity with Minneapolis on day one of Chauvin trial Aurora, CO
3/11/21 Protest in San Jose to demand justice for George Floyd San José, CA
3/11/21 Greater Fox Valley residents protest Appleton, WI for ‘The People v. Chauvin & Mattioli’ rally Appleton, WI
3/11/21 Austin rally on opening day of trial of cop who murdered George Floyd Austin, TX