Thursday January 27, 2022
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3/23/20 Legalization for All Statement: Covid19 and DACA United States
3/23/20 Louisiana trans organizers fight COVID-19 with solidarity New Orleans, LA
3/24/20 Philippines: Resist Duterte's authoritarian powers in the guise of Covid-19 response Philippines
3/24/20 What the federal government needs to do as crisis deepens San José, CA
3/24/20 Teamsters concerned about UPS response to COVID-19 pandemic Lansing, MI
3/24/20 UPS workers: What you need to know during the COVID-19 crisis Chicago, IL
3/24/20 Tampa UPS Teamsters demand gloves, hand sanitizer to prevent COVID-19 spread Tampa, FL
3/24/20 FRSO online forum: A people’s response to the coronavirus crisis Minneapolis, MN
3/25/20 MN shows solidarity with Palestine during COVID-19 pandemic Minneapolis, MN
3/26/20 WFTU statement on the attacks against workers World
3/26/20 Colombian prisoners ask for medical help and receive bullets Colombia
3/26/20 Veteran Chicano leader Carlos Montes blasts Trump response to crisis Los Angeles, CA
3/26/20 New claims for unemployment insurance soar to record high San Jose, CA
3/26/20 New Yorkers demand rent suspension New York, NY
3/28/20 The U.S. should be working with China to end the Pandemic, Not provoking a new cold war United States
3/29/20 U.S. Imperialism Pulls Desperate Move in Venezuela United States
3/30/20 New People’s Army lands heavy blows on Armed Forces of the Philippines Philippines
3/30/20 Prominent organizations and individuals urge Gov. Pritzker to free Gerald Reed Chicago, IL
3/30/20 Great Lakes Coca-Cola Teamsters fight for safety measures and hazard pay Milwaukee, WI
3/31/20 Teamsters - Join the fight for hazard pay! Chicago, IL
3/31/20 Feeder driver William Young of Teamsters Local 710 passes from coronavirus Chicago, IL
3/31/20 Many immigrants left out of pandemic aid acts San José, CA
3/31/20 Minnesota: Nurses at M Health hospitals vote “No confidence” on COVID-19 response Minneapolis, MN
4/01/20 Assassination of Communist Party of Philippines official, comrades condemned Philippines
4/01/20 Right-wing anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ organization sets up hospital in Central Park New York, NY