Sunday August 7, 2022
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9/20/20 FRSO stands in solidarity with anti-racist activists arrested in Denver United States
6/30/20 Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump and his accomplices United States
5/09/20 FRSO demands justice for Ahmaud Arbery United States
12/20/20 National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression demands release of Filipino trade unionists United States
1/06/20 Trump commits multiple murder in line with U.S. imperialist terrorism United States
4/22/20 150 years after the birth of V.I. Lenin: Long Live Leninism! United States
2/25/20 Call-In to save the life of Facundo Molares! United States
9/09/20 Sept. 19 Day of Protest: Stop Police Crimes! Withdraw Federal Troops! Community Control NOW! United States
9/22/20 Resist U.S. government repression, build a revolutionary movement United States
8/08/20 Tribute to the outstanding communist Ka Fidel V. Agcaoili United States
11/07/20 103 years since October Revolution United States
5/24/20 National Alliance calls for National Day of Protest: May 3Oth United States
12/20/20 Commentary: Mao greets Stalin’s birthday United States
3/16/20 COVID-19 crisis: Immediate demands of the labor movement United States
6/08/20 Day of Action to Stop Police Crimes | June 13ᵗʰ 2020 USA
11/13/20 FRSO joins Anti-imperialist Working Class World Summit Venezuela
5/21/20 UNAC denounces any attempts by the US to stop shipments of Iranian fuel to Venezuela Venezuela
11/23/20 A Venezuelan view: Trump the fraudster Venezuela
12/09/20 Big win for Venezuela’s PSUV, assurance for President Maduro Venezuela
10/12/20 President Maduro to the peoples of the world: ‘Together we shall overcome!’ Venezuela
5/19/20 Read some Ho Chi Minh for his birthday Vietnam
5/05/20 45th anniversary of Vietnam’s victory over U.S. imperialism Vietnam
1/16/20 Iran’s president tells U.S. to get out of Middle East Washington DC
1/12/20 Iraq air base housing U.S. personnel struck by rockets Washington DC
3/21/20 DPRK wages mass campaign to combat pandemic Washington, DC