Friday June 9, 2023
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9/22/20 UIC strikers turn away UPS deliveries Chicago, IL
11/13/20 The people must stand up and fight back against Trump stealing the election! Chicago, IL
12/06/20 People's Thanksgiving 2020: The rebellion, the defeat of Trump, and #StrikeForOurLives Chicago, IL
12/31/20 Mayor Lightfoot refused to join public forum on justice for Anjanette Young Chicago, IL
7/20/20 Chicago joins national day of protest, presses demand for community control of police Chicago, IL
5/25/20 Chicago community groups renew demand for community control of police Chicago, IL
1/07/20 Chicago protests Trump’s attack in Iraq Chicago, IL
9/20/20 UIC workers vow to continue strike, rally with community and labor allies Chicago, IL
9/17/20 UIC: Largest strike since start of the economic crisis Chicago, IL
4/22/20 Car caravan to free Gerald Reed, prisoners facing pandemic Chicago, IL
11/01/20 Chicago City Council member to push for non-recognition of “illegitimate Trump regime” if he refuses to leave power after loss Chicago, IL
9/25/20 Nurses and workers declare end to strike at UIC Chicago, IL
9/11/20 UIC told: You don’t value the lives of workers, and the lives of Black, Latino workers even less Chicago, IL
5/08/20 500-car caravan demands right to recovery Chicago, IL
12/12/20 Chicago Teachers Union car caravan presses mayor to bargain enforceable safety standards Chicago, IL
10/21/20 Rejecting community oversight of police, Chicago’s mayor embraces the ‘royal we’ Chicago, IL
2/18/20 Courtroom erupts in response to racist decision in Gerald Reed case Chicago, IL
4/04/20 National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression relaunch a success Chicago, IL
2/13/20 They have no shame! Chicago, IL
1/08/20 Juan Guaidó, the political joke of Venezuela Chicago, IL
11/05/20 March in Chicago’s Loop in protest of Trump attempt to steal the election Chicago, IL
3/16/20 Legal experts call on Mayor Lightfoot to enact the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) ordinance Chicago, IL
2/09/20 Who is Bill Conway, candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney? Chicago, IL
5/10/20 Demands placed on Mayor Lightfoot to address impact of pandemic, economic crisis on Chicago students Chicago, IL
4/23/20 Chicago: Celebration of International Workers Day planned Chicago, IL