Monday September 26, 2022
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8/06/20 Waupaca, WI: Black Lives Matter protest disrupted by cops, protester violently arrested Waupaca, WI
8/06/20 Coalition to March on the DNC responds to Biden’s decision to stay home Milwaukee, WI
8/05/20 Oshkosh, WI protest demands justice for Isaiah Tucker on 3-year anniversary of his murder by police Oshkosh, WI
8/04/20 Statewide online workshop on community control of Florida police Tallahassee, FL
8/04/20 New Orleans protesters shut down eviction court and block landlords’ entrance New Orleans, LA
8/02/20 Thousands march and rally in Portland Portland, OR
8/01/20 Large protests continue in Portland Portland, OR
7/30/20 Federal $600 a week addition to unemployment insurance runs out San Jose, CA
7/29/20 TCAC hosts first of three local candidate forums Tallahassee, FL
7/28/20 Florida parents, teachers, students demand delay of school reopening as COVID cases rise Tallahassee, FL
7/28/20 Republicans propose $400 a week cut from unemployment benefits San Jose, CA
7/28/20 Minneapolis protest demands justice for Vanessa Guillen, Breonna Taylor, women lost to state violence Minneapolis, MN
7/27/20 NYC rallies for People’s State of the Nation Address New York, NY
7/26/20 Bloomington confronts ‘Back the Blue’ rally and marches for Black lives Bloomington, MN
7/26/20 On the passing of Ka Fidel Agcaoili United States
7/25/20 Minneapolis protests Trump's repression in Portland Minneapolis, MN
7/25/20 NYC rallies to defend Portland New York, NY
7/25/20 Tire workers report Kumho’s COVID-19 safety lapses Macon, GA
7/25/20 Coalition to March on the DNC announces shift, to prioritize movement against police crimes Milwaukee, WI
7/24/20 Florida State students host call-in day, slave-owner statue removed once again Tallahassee, FL
7/24/20 Michigan workers demand $600 unemployment from U.S. Rep. Huizenga Grandville, MI
7/24/20 MN teachers protest for safe teaching conditions St. Paul, MN
7/24/20 $600 unemployment benefits expire as more workers lose jobs San José, CA
7/23/20 Trump forced to cancel RNC acceptance speech, Jacksonville wins showdown Jacksonville, FL
7/23/20 Stand with the resistance in Portland! Portland, OR