Wednesday February 8, 2023
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2/11/20 New York MTA wages war on the poor and working class NYC, NY
1/06/20 Oshkosh, WI: Community rallies against war with Iran Oshkosh, WI
8/14/20 Oshkosh, WI: Coalition to March on the DNC and local partners plan to protest Trump’s visit Oshkosh, WI
7/11/20 Workers and community supporters protest racist practices Oshkosh, WI
9/22/20 Organizers in Oshkosh, WI demand justice for Isaiah Tucker Oshkosh, WI
8/05/20 Oshkosh, WI protest demands justice for Isaiah Tucker on 3-year anniversary of his murder by police Oshkosh, WI
8/18/20 Coalition to March on the DNC joins march against Trump in Oshkosh, WI Oshkosh, WI
7/11/20 Workers and community supporters protest racist practices Oshkosh, WI
10/26/20 Oshkosh, WI: Protesters safely brave COVID-19 to continue demanding justice for Isaiah Tucker Oshkosh, WI
11/18/20 Demand immediate release of Palestinian women’s movement leader Khitam Saafin Palestine
1/06/20 PFLP: The U.S. assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani requires a comprehensive response Palestine
1/29/20 USPCN Rejects “Deal of the Century” Palestine
7/02/20 Israeli annexation of West Bank: More stolen land as time runs out for occupation Palestine
5/08/20 Stop the repression against trade unionists in the Philippines Philippines
12/11/20 Philippines: NDF-Mindanao spokesperson was extrajudicially killed Philippines
1/27/20 Philippines: Scrap Visiting Forces Agreement for national sovereignty Philippines
1/13/20 Philippines: Communists mobilizing to help after volcano eruption Philippines
4/20/20 Philippines: Police arrest activists performing COVID-19 relief work Philippines
11/08/20 CPP: On the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections Philippines
2/13/20 Duterte continues US military control of the Philippines despite VFA termination notice Philippines
7/15/20 Terrorist regime vilifies human rights organizations and victims of human rights violations as terrorist Philippines
11/05/20 Philippines supertyphoon Rolly: Mass mobilization for disaster response and recovery Philippines
3/30/20 New People’s Army lands heavy blows on Armed Forces of the Philippines Philippines
6/11/20 Philippines: Denounce threats against protesters using Covid-19 as pretext Philippines
4/01/20 Assassination of Communist Party of Philippines official, comrades condemned Philippines