Saturday April 17, 2021
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11/25/20 Tallahassee students rally against political repression, demand Community Police Accountability Council Tallahassee, FL
11/25/20 Chicago area nursing home workers’ strike Chicago, IL
11/26/20 Jacksonville protests FL governor’s anti-protester bill, demands justice for victims of police crimes Jacksonville, FL
11/26/20 Millions face a financial cliff as grim economic news keeps on coming San José, CA
11/28/20 Philippines: On the murder of NDFP consultants Eugenia Magpantay and Agaton Topacio Philippines
11/28/20 Engels at 200: He transformed dreams of better world into a science for liberation United States
11/29/20 The defeat of Trump and the road ahead United States
11/30/20 Minnesota: Car caravan to governor’s mansion protests Nov. 4 mass arrest Saint Paul, MN
12/02/20 Native Lives Matter holds candlelight vigil on National Day of Mourning Minneapolis, MN
12/03/20 One year after refounding the National Alliance Against Racist and Pollical Repression Chicago, IL
12/03/20 Trump is a loser. Join the Freedom Road Socialist Organization! United States
12/04/20 One month after mass arrests, protesters demand all charges be dropped Minneapolis, MN
12/05/20 One year later: Demand justice for Frank Ordonez, Teamster killed by police Los Angeles, CA
12/05/20 Job growth grinds to a halt as Trump plans holiday parties San José, CA
12/05/20 Job growth grinds to a halt as Trump plans holiday parties San José, CA
12/06/20 People's Thanksgiving 2020: The rebellion, the defeat of Trump, and #StrikeForOurLives Chicago, IL
12/06/20 Chicago FRSO: ‘We still have a world to win and nothing to lose but our chains’ Chicago, IL
12/06/20 Eyewitness Venezuela: Hundreds of labor and left leaders from around world observe elections Caracas, Venezuela
12/07/20 Venezuela: Free and fair election day confirmed by international observers Caracas, Venezuela
12/07/20 Farmer protests in India India
12/07/20 Tampa demands justice for Josiah Pinner, Jonas Joseph and Dominique Mulkey Tampa, FL
12/09/20 Big win for Venezuela’s PSUV, assurance for President Maduro Venezuela
12/09/20 Labor to the front in the battle against COVID-19 United States
12/10/20 Colombia closes airspace to international observers to Venezuela elections Caracas, Venezuela
12/10/20 Students protest Tulane University Police Department New Orleans, LA