Saturday November 26, 2022
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1/29/19 Fyre Fest, scams and capitalist art Jacksonville, FL
1/29/19 SDS says “Hands Off Venezuela!” United States
1/28/19 2-year-old expelled by mall, community demands disability rights Wyoming, MI
1/28/19 School district threatened to call ICE on striking Denver teachers Denver, CO
1/28/19 Workers end government shutdown by withholding labor, show path forward for unions Jacksonville, FL
1/28/19 University of Pittsburgh faculty file for union election Pittsburgh, PA
1/27/19 New Yorkers rally for Marzieh Hashemi New York, NY
1/27/19 New York protests U.S. coup attempt in Venezuela New York, NY
1/27/19 Tallahassee rallies against U.S. intervention in Venezuela Tallahassee, FL
1/27/19 Miami protest demands: “No to U.S. coup in Venezuela!” Doral, FL
1/27/19 Minnesota: Speak-out against U.S. intervention in Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
1/26/19 Anti-war activists brave Michigan winter to say, “Trump! Hands off Venezuela!” Grand Rapids, MI
1/25/19 Denver teachers vote to strike Denver, CO
1/24/19 ILPS supports Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro against usurper backed by U.S. and ultra-reactionaries United States
1/24/19 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Venezuela! Tucson, AZ
1/24/19 FRSO Condemns U.S. Intervention in Venezuela United States
1/23/19 Oshkosh rallies against Trump Oshkosh
1/22/19 Nicolás Maduro on the "Socialist Dystopia” Venezuela
1/22/19 Jacksonville rallies for workers hit by government shutdown Jacksonville, FL
1/22/19 Tentative agreement reached in LA teachers strike LA, California
1/21/19 Marchers condemn lenient sentence in Laquan murder Chicago, IL
1/21/19 Delegation reports back from anti-NATO conference held In Dublin Minneapolis, MN
1/20/19 For the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday: “Beyond Vietnam” New York, NY
1/20/19 LA: Photos from massive UTLA rally on day 5 of strike LA, CA
1/20/19 West Michigan Women’s March builds resistance to Trump Grand Rapids, MI