Monday February 6, 2023
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3/13/19 Eyewitness Venezuela: Katrina Kozarek speaks in Minneapolis about Bolivarian Revolution Minneapolis, MN
3/12/19 International Women’s Day in Tampa: Fight Trump’s war on women Tampa, FL
3/12/19 New York City rallies for International Women’s Day New York, NY
3/12/19 Trump orders terrorist attack against Venezuela Chicago, IL
3/12/19 Joint Statement: We denounce the imperialist intervention in Venezuela. Solidarity with the Venezuelan People! United States
3/12/19 FRSO International Women’s Day rally in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
3/12/19 International Women’s Day celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
3/10/19 FRSO leader Jess Sundin speaks on International Women’s Day Minneapolis, MN
3/10/19 USW members at Par Hawaii Refining rejects company’s offer Kapolei, Hawaii
3/10/19 Intl Women’s Day in Philippines: Unite and fight Filipino women’s #1 enemy, the U.S.-Duterte regime Philippines
3/08/19 International Women’s Day 2019: We have had enough of Trump and the war on women United States
3/07/19 Milwaukee coffee workers fight to make history with union drive Milwaukee, WI
3/07/19 Pasco teachers and staff say #RespectUsNow Tampa, FL
3/06/19 South Florida students rally on anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder Tampa, FL
3/05/19 UPS record profits mean more exploitation and automation Tampa, FL
3/05/19 On the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) Venezuela
3/05/19 WFTU Declaration on the International Working Women’s Day 8 March 2019 United States
3/03/19 Chicago’s elections: Rejecting Rahm and police terror Chicago, IL
3/01/19 Minnesota drivers license for immigrants passes first committee vote Saint Paul, MN
3/01/19 UNF SDS wins campaign demands Jacksonville, FL
3/01/19 ‘Reviving the Strike!’ author Joe Burns to speak in Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
2/28/19 Grand Rapids Police caught lying Grand Rapids, MI
2/27/19 Trump wall protest in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
2/27/19 Salt Lake City says no to the ‘National Emergency’ to build wall Salt Lake City, UT
2/26/19 Frank Chapman speaks in Minneapolis about Black liberation and socialism Minneapolis, MN