Saturday November 26, 2022
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5/01/19 FRSO delegation at mega May Day rally in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
4/30/19 May Day rally and march set for LA Los Angeles, CA
4/30/19 May Day 2019: Build the fight to defeat Trump and the 1% USA
4/30/19 Photos of massive demonstration to defend President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
4/30/19 Eyewitness Venezuela: No coup, people defend President Maduro Venezuela
4/29/19 Dallas celebrates May Day 2019 Dallas, FL
4/29/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with Minister of Communes Caracas
4/29/19 International Workers Day to be celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
4/28/19 Filipino labor leaders speak in Boston Boston, MA
4/28/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with communist leaders Caracas, Venezuela
4/28/19 Trade union leader from Philippines gets warm welcome in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
4/27/19 Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Arreaza addresses NYC activists New York, NY
4/27/19 Government report indicates signs of weakness in economy San José, CA
4/27/19 WFTU solidarity statement with the Japanese dockworkers Japan
4/26/19 Chicago Teachers Union to strike charter schools on May Day Chicago, IL
4/25/19 Steelworkers condemn Dow Chemical for locking out Texas workers Rohm and Haas Texas Inc
4/24/19 Social Security report leads to more calls for cuts San José, CA
4/23/19 Jury falls for LAPD lies, excuses 2-time killer cop Los Angeles, CA
4/23/19 FRSO: Building a new and revolutionary student movement Jacksonville, FL
4/21/19 It’s Lenin’s birthday, and here is what he had to say United States
4/19/19 New England Stop & Shop workers hold the line Holoke
4/19/19 U of MN protesters outnumber attendees at Jeff Sessions talk Minneapolis, MN
4/18/19 New York legal services workers launch indefinite strike New York, NY
4/17/19 Minnesota protests Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry during his visit to the state Minneapolis, MN
4/16/19 Unequal ‘justice’ in trial of killer cop in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN