Sunday January 29, 2023
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5/30/19 Nurses picket Twin Cites hospitals, fighting for decent contract Minneapolis, MN
5/30/19 Garland, TX community confronts school board over trafficked teachers Garland, TX
5/29/19 Communist Party of Greece makes gains in elections Greece
5/27/19 IAM files charges against anti-union Delta Air Lines Washington, DC
5/27/19 Belgium Worker’s Party obtains excellent results in federal, regional and European elections Belgium
5/25/19 Philippines: Expect the people’s resistance to rise further Philippines
5/24/19 Venezuela: The opposition collapses, revolution advances Chicago, IL
5/24/19 New Yorkers rally in solidarity with Puerto Rican march against Bayer-Monsanto, AES corporations New York, NY
5/22/19 Witness to attempted U.S.-orchestrated Venezuela coup speaks in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
5/22/19 Interview with Filipino trade union leader Ed Cubelo United States
5/22/19 Abortion rights rally in St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN
5/21/19 Minneapolis: Jamar Clark family deserves settlement equal to white woman killed by cops Minneapolis, MN
5/21/19 Judge orders new union vote at Kumho Tire plant in Georgia Washington D.C.
5/21/19 NYC remembers Al Nakba New York, NY
5/21/19 Florida killer charged with evidence tampering, victim’s family demands murder charges to get #Justice4DJBroadus Jacksonville, FL
5/21/19 Jacksonville’s dismal runoff results point to need for Labor-Black community alliance Jacksonville, FL
5/21/19 Chicago Teachers Union members re-elects CORE slate to leadership Chicago, IL
5/21/19 Chicago Teachers Union members re-elects CORE slate to leadership Chicago, IL
5/20/19 Venezuela: "Forward to the Communal Offensive! Venezuela
5/20/19 FRSO denounces the illegal arrest of Colombian peace negotiator Jesus Santrich, demands his immediate liberation United States
5/19/19 Minnesotans reject Trump’s plan for Palestine Columbia Heights, MN
5/17/19 Workers sit in during union recognition effort at Marquette, driven out by cops Milwaukee, WI
5/16/19 Meeting with Venezuela’s President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
5/14/19 On Duterte’s success in rigging the elections Philippines
5/13/19 Minneapolis protest demands: Sanctuary for all, no to border militarization! Minneapolis, MN