Thursday December 5, 2019
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1/29/19 Fyre Fest, scams and capitalist art Jacksonville, FL
5/30/19 Garland, TX community confronts school board over trafficked teachers Garland, TX
9/09/19 Georgia Kumho Tire workers opt for union Macon, GA
4/27/19 Government report indicates signs of weakness in economy San José, CA
2/28/19 Grand Rapids Police caught lying Grand Rapids, MI
2/05/19 Green Bay, WI protests after DA refuses to charge killer cop Green Bay, WI
10/28/19 Green Bay, WI: Justice needed for Jonathon Tubby, Native American man murdered by police Green Bay, WI
8/01/19 Grocery workers ready to strike in southern CA Los Angeles, CA
2/22/19 Growing risk of U.S war on Venezuela Chicago, IL
2/24/19 Hands off Venezuela rally in Tucson Tuscon, AZ
7/20/19 Heat wave poses danger to UPS Teamsters Chicago, IL
9/10/19 Hezbollah shoots down Israeli drone Washington DC
2/01/19 High stakes for the Venezuelan working class Chicago, IL
4/03/19 Hillsborough, FL custodians and teachers rally against privatization Tampa, FL
2/12/19 Hoffa forces another rejected contract on UPS Teamsters Jacksonville, FL
3/15/19 Hoffa, Taylor seek to impose rejected UPS supplements Tampa, FL
6/29/19 Huge Sunday march set for Minneapolis to protest Trump’s concentration camps at the border Minneapolis, MN
4/01/19 Hundreds march against NATO Washington DC
5/02/19 Hundreds march to Minnesota Capitol on May 1 to demand drivers licenses for immigrants Saint Paul, MN
9/09/19 I-494 shut down to protest police killing of Brian J. Quinones Richfield, MN
5/27/19 IAM files charges against anti-union Delta Air Lines Washington, DC
8/26/19 IAM members fired for union activity win legal battle at Boeing South Carolina Washington, DC
6/22/19 IKEA workers vote to join Machinists union Washington DC
4/14/19 ILPS condemns arrest of Julian Assange, Demands his immediate release as journalist United States
4/07/19 ILPS condemns Duterte for slander and intimidation Philippines