Saturday January 28, 2023
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12/31/19 U.S. Iraq embassy: “Closed by the peoples command” Iraq
12/30/19 Arizona: Week 12 of Asarco strike Tucson
12/30/19 Make a resolution to build Fight Back! in 2020 Minneapolis, MN
12/29/19 2019: sounds like an upsurge United States
12/28/19 Top 20 Fight Back! articles of 2019: the struggle grows and spreads United States
12/26/19 Tallahassee gathers for vigil and speakout for FAMU student killed by sheriff Tallahassee, FL
12/25/19 Large protest in Dallas against Indian Citizenship Amendment Act Dallas, TX
12/25/19 A reading from Mao for Mao’s birthday China
12/24/19 Commentary: ‘Ukrainegate’ and impeachment Milwaukee, WI
12/24/19 Greetings from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) on the CPP’s 51st Anniversary USA
12/24/19 Anti-war leader blasts Klobuchar for backing U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem Minneapolis, MN
12/23/19 Behind the U.S. anti-China campaign New York, NY
12/22/19 India and the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment bill India
12/22/19 The battle in ELA: Garfield High victory over charter Green Dot takeover Los Angeles, CA
12/22/19 Minnesotans say: “No to U.S. endless war for the holidays” Minneapolis
12/21/19 PFLP marks founding in huge Gaza march Palestine
12/21/19 Steelworkers sue Alcoa to keep retiree life insurance benefits Washington, DC
12/21/19 Commentary: Mao’s birthday greetings to Stalin China
12/20/19 Two tactics in the fight against Trump and the right United States
12/17/19 Wisconsin: Medicaid to cover gender-confirming medical procedures Kenosha, WI
12/14/19 Hong Kong local election results: Remarkably unremarkable and counter-revolutionary to boot United States
12/13/19 Anakbayan-USA holds 3rd congress Los Angeles, CA
12/11/19 MN withstands -10 windchill to demand human rights at home and abroad Minneapolis, MN
12/10/19 UPS Teamsters across country mourn co-worker murdered by cops Miami, FL
12/09/19 Chicago: Striking unions honored at People’s Thanksgiving Chicago, IL