Wednesday February 8, 2023
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Publishedsort icon Title Location
7/05/19 Chicanos protest raids and deportations Los Angeles, CA
7/05/19 Over 1000 union educators protest Houston Detention Center Houston, TX
7/09/19 Kalamazoo bus drivers march for union contract Kalamazoo, MI
7/12/19 Chicagoland Arab protest demands white supremist leave office Chicago, IL
7/13/19 Carnegie Library told to respect union drive Pittsburgh, PA
7/13/19 San Diego demands closure of Trump's concentration camps San Ysidro, CA
7/14/19 Minneapolis stands with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba against U.S. sanctions regime Minneapolis, MN
7/14/19 Milwaukee: ‘Drop the Charges’ rally for student who took placard from Nazi Milwaukee, WI
7/14/19 Activists in Oshkosh, WI call for closure of Trump's concentration camps Oshkosh, WI
7/16/19 Denver marches to close Trump’s concentration camps Aurora, CO
7/17/19 Police assault Salt Lake City pollution protesters Salt Lake City, UT
7/18/19 Rally demands “Justice for Isak Aden” Eagan, MN
7/19/19 NDFP condemns Duterte for giving Israel’s IDF Nahal Brigade a role in his war against the people Philippines
7/20/19 Heat wave poses danger to UPS Teamsters Chicago, IL
7/23/19 Chicago Teachers show solidarity in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
7/23/19 San Francisco protest: Oust Duterte! Stop the killings in the Philippines! San Francisco, CA
7/23/19 FRSO sends delegation to the Sao Paolo Forum Caracas, Venezuela
7/24/19 Chicago protest demands resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor Chicago, IL
7/24/19 Jacksonville Puerto Rican community demands #RickyRenunica Jacksonville, FL
7/25/19 Israel launches missile attack on Syria near occupied Golan Heights Washington D.C.
7/27/19 New York rallies to oust Duterte New York, NY
7/28/19 Venezuela: FRSO delegation attends memorial for Jorge Rodríguez Caracas, Venezuela
7/28/19 Twin Cities marches on Eagan mall demanding justice for Isak Aden Eagan, MN
7/28/19 Nicaragua celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution Managua, Nicaragua
7/30/19 Labor movements of the world support Bolivarian Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela