Friday May 25, 2018
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Published Title Location
4/26/18 50,000 Arizona educators strike, march on capitol Phoenix, AZ
4/25/18 Interview with Aaron Leonard, author of new book detailing FBI repression of 1970s revolutionary movements United States
4/25/18 Educators strike set for Thursday in Arizona Tucson, AZ
4/24/18 Details of torture of Filipino activist in San Francisco airport Chicago, IL
4/24/18 Tallahassee SDS says campus should not honor slaveholder Francis Eppes Tallahassee, FL
4/24/18 Denver Peace Council says “Science, not war and violence!” Denver, CO
4/23/18 Communist, workers parties condemn attacks on Syria United States
4/22/18 United Action Oshkosh hosts first sanctuary city workshop for Oshkosh community Oshkosh, WI
4/22/18 Black community in Baker County marches for justice MacClenny, FL
4/22/18 Florida State students protest U.S. aggression against Syria Tallahassee, FL
4/22/18 Strengthen the NDFP and carry forward the people's democratic revolution! Philippines
4/22/18 Protesters fight back against deportation of human rights advocate New York, NY
4/22/18 NYC protesters continue to stand with Gaza New York, NY
4/22/18 MN stands in solidarity with Muslims as Supreme Court case approaches Minneapolis, MN
4/22/18 Some Lenin for Lenin’s birthday United States
4/21/18 Protest against torture and deportation of Philippines human rights activist Chicago, IL
4/21/18 PFLP condemns imperialist aggression on Syria Palestine
4/21/18 Twin Cites peace vigil speaks out against U.S. intervention in Syria St. Paul, MN
4/20/18 Arizona educators vote to strike Tucson, AZ
4/20/18 Twin Cites peace vigil speaks out against U.S. intervention in Syria Saint Paul, MN
4/19/18 The WFTU in solidarity with the working class in France on the occasion of 19 April strike France
4/19/18 Salt Lake City protest against U.S. strikes on Syria Salt Lake City, UT
4/18/18 Arizona educators reject governor’s proposal, call for strike vote Tucson, AZ
4/18/18 Teamster Local 792 on strike against J.J. Taylor Distributing Minneapolis, MN
4/16/18 Milwaukee community rallies against U.S. attack on Syria Milwaukee, WI