Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Published Title Location
3/05/16 Freedom Road Student Commission builds campus struggle, plans to expand in 2016 United States
3/05/16 Protest at county attorney’s office demands no grand jury in police killing of Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
3/05/16 Celebrate International Women's Day 2016 United States
3/04/16 ‘State of Our Unions’ event held in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
3/04/16 Socialism, Bernie Sanders and the working class United States
3/03/16 Arlington students bash Trump piñata again Arlington, TX
3/02/16 Salt Lake rallies and marches after police shooting of Abdi Mohamed Salt Lake City, UT
3/01/16 Jacksonville protest confronts financial backers of State Attorney Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
3/01/16 Hundreds march in Edwin Rodriguez’ funeral, chanting ‘the sheriffs are assassins’ Los Angeles, CA
3/01/16 Kait McIntyre speaks on victory over Boeing Chicag, Il
2/29/16 University of MN told to divest from Israeli apartheid Minneapolis, MN
2/29/16 Utah rally demand community control of police Salt Lake City, Utah
2/29/16 Two arrested blocking hockey game at Saint Cloud tuition protest Saint Cloud, MN
2/28/16 Israelis assassinate former Palestinian political prisoner in Bulgaria Palestine
2/27/16 Twin Cities activist Wayne Wittman remembered Minneapolis, MN
2/27/16 Minneapolis protesters return to county attorney’s office to get justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
2/26/16 Peace activists announce win as SEC tells Boeing to allow resolution at stockholders’ meeting Chicago, IL
2/26/16 Hundreds of students march against Trump and the Houston GOP debate Houston, TX
2/25/16 Tallahassee SDS stands against racist fraternity hazing Tallahassee, FL
2/24/16 Immigrant rights activists protest Marco Rubio in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
2/23/16 U.S. State Department hails rise of fascism in Ukraine Washington D.C.
2/21/16 Greek communists blast the “left traffic cops” of capitalism Greece
2/21/16 Minnesotans march against Islamophobia Minneapolis, MN
2/21/16 U of MN students protest hate speech on campus Minneapolis, MN
2/21/16 Angry family, friends and supporters demand justice for Edwin Rodriguez Los Angeles, CA