Sunday July 5, 2020
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Published Title Location
9/02/15 FRSO marches against police crimes on August 29 Chicago, IL
9/02/15 Rasmea Odeh speaks out against police crimes Chicago, IL
9/02/15 Tucson remembers the Chicano Moratorium Tucson, AZ
8/31/15 Hundreds join Teamster picket at University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
8/31/15 Chicago August 29 protest marks new stage in movement to stop police crimes Chicago, IL
8/30/15 Photo essay: Chicago march for community control of the police Chicago, IL
8/30/15 3000 march in Chicago for community control of the police Chicago, IL
8/29/15 Activists from across U.S. to march in Chicago against police crimes Chicago, IL
8/26/15 Protest slams Senator Klobuchar support for Israeli terror Minneapolis, MN
8/25/15 Stop Police Crimes! United States
8/24/15 Communist Party of Greece on the early election Greece
8/23/15 Protest at Senator Klobuchar’s office on anniversary of Gaza War Minneapolis, MN
8/23/15 March against police crimes August 29 Chicago, IL
8/21/15 Stop political repression: police spying and the March on the RNC 2012 United States
8/20/15 Salt Lake City breaks bread in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh Salt Lake City, UT
8/19/15 Scott Walker greeted by protesters in Minnesota Saint Paul, MN
8/18/15 Businesses restructuring job market to keep wages down, profits up San José, CA
8/17/15 Anti-racist protesters confront pro-Confederates in South Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/16/15 Palestinian leader warns of dangers of “long-term truce” Palestine
8/14/15 Twin Cities rally and march honors the life of Jesús Estrada-Pérez Minneapolis, MN
8/14/15 Jacksonville Black Lives Matter demonstrations slam police crimes, mass incarceration Jacksonville, FL
8/13/15 Mass meeting plans August 29 March to Stop Police Crimes Chicago, IL
8/12/15 Facing Republican attack: Social Security turns 80 San Jose, CA
8/12/15 Facing Republican attack: Social Security turns 80 San Jose, CA
8/11/15 Vigil for Christian Taylor - young Black man killed by police in Texas Arlington, TX