Sunday February 5, 2023
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Published Title Location
12/30/13 Top Fight Back stories of 2013 United States
12/30/13 Israeli annexation bill targets Jordan Valley Palestine
12/29/13 Japanese Prime Minister Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine San José, CA
12/29/13 Millions face cutoff: No Happy New Year for unemployed San José, CA
12/28/13 Corporate greed at the root of late UPS holiday deliveries Jacksonville, FL
12/26/13 U.S. hails its efforts to destroy Iraqi weapons, yet promises to send more missiles Washington, D.C.
12/26/13 120th Anniversary of Mao’s birth: Reprint of has statement in support of African American struggle United States
12/26/13 Chinese President Xi: Hold high the banner of Mao Zedong Thought forever China
12/23/13 Holiday appeal for Rasmea Odeh from Meredith Aby United States
12/22/13 NSA, CIA role in murder of FARC leaders exposed Washington DC
12/22/13 PFLP reviews past, make plans for future Palestine
12/20/13 Arizona communists join Freedom Road Socialist Organization Tucson, AZ
12/20/13 Immigration and housing activists tell Sheriff Stanek: ‘Not one more deportation or eviction’ Minneapolis, MN
12/19/13 Florida organizing for immigrant driver licenses Tampa, FL
12/18/13 New Jersey protests Food Stamp cuts East Orange, NJ
12/18/13 Gov. Dayton told: ‘Raise the welfare grants!’ Saint Paul, MN
12/16/13 Victory: Jacksonville activists win name change for Nathan B. Forrest High School Jacksonville, FL
12/15/13 Rally demands justice for Corey Stingley West Allis, WI
12/14/13 China carries out successful moon landing China
12/12/13 Minneapolis holds community dinner to support Rasmea Odeh Minneapolis, MN
12/11/13 So, You Think You Can Organize? Miami, FL
12/10/13 Students demand tuition equity from University of Florida Board of Trustees Gainesville, FL
12/10/13 Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh given Nelson Mandela Award Chicago, IL
12/09/13 Minneapolis protest marks Human Rights Day Minneapolis, MN
12/09/13 Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits set to end Dec. 31 San José, CA