Saturday August 17, 2019
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10/19/09 Demand freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat and Palestinian Prisoners Palestine
4/08/09 Democratic Korea satellite launch
5/28/09 DPRK Nuclear Test
11/13/09 Drop all charges against U of MN SDS members Minneapolis, MN
5/23/09 Durham City Workers Fight Economic Crisis
2/11/09 Economy Sheds 600,000 Jobs in January San Jose, CA
9/08/09 Eyewitness report from solidarity delegation Colombia
4/16/09 Federal Budget Deficit On Track to a Record San Jose, CA
1/24/09 Federal Deficit Could Soar to Nearly $2 Trillion This Year San José, CA
2/02/09 Federal Reserve Cranks Up the Printing Press Supply of Money Rising at almost 50% Annual Rate San Jose, CA
3/20/09 Federal Reserve Cranks Up the Printing Press…Again San Jose, CA
10/06/09 Fight for Single-Payer Health Insurance United States
2/05/09 Fight Foreclosures! Stop the Evictions! United States
5/18/09 Fighting for a Moratorium on Home Foreclosures St. Paul, MN
12/08/09 Fighting foreclosure, Leslie Parks illegally locked out of her home Minneapolis, MN
11/17/09 Florida Confronts Tea Party Reactionaries Daytona, FL
6/05/09 FMLN Takes Power in El Salvador
4/10/09 Former Teamsters Local 743 President Heading to Jail Chicago, IL
4/08/09 Freedom Road Socialist Organization hosts regional student conference Asheville, NC
9/23/09 G-20 protest in Pittsburgh: March for Jobs Pittsburgh, PA
5/24/09 Gay Marriage Foes Knocked Down United States
11/16/09 Grad Employees Strike University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, IL
6/25/09 Groups Prepare for Action to Save Rosemary Williams Home Minneapolis, MN
7/17/09 Half a million jobs lost in June San José, CA
2/22/09 HK on J Protest Draws Thousands Raleigh, NC