Monday June 18, 2018
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Published Title Location
6/10/08 Stop persecution of Jose Maria Sison Philippines
6/10/08 Case for RNC anti-war protest permits goes to federal court Minneapolis, MN
6/09/08 Protest Against Workfare/Slave Labor Minneapolis, MN
6/08/08 May 1 march for legalization, rights Los Angeles, CA
6/08/08 All Out for Sept. 1 RNC protest United States
6/05/08 Welfare Rights Committee says: "State Poverty Commission is a sham"
6/05/08 2008 Presidential Elections: Defeat McCain United States
6/02/08 Puerto Rican Teachers Union Protests SEIU Raid Puerto Rico
5/31/08 SEIU: Rank-and-file Members to Challenge Stern at Convention United States
5/29/08 Manuel Marulanda: In the fight to end oppression, he never missed his mark United States
5/28/08 Teamsters Local 743 Marches for Immigrant Rights Chicago, IL
5/26/08 Victory in Contract Fight at UIC Chicago, IL
5/22/08 Saint Paul city council rejects appeal, permit fight continues St. Paul, MN
5/20/08 16 arrested at UCLA protesting fee increase Los Angeles, CA
5/11/08 UCLA Students March Against War, 'Seize' Campus Building Los Angeles, CA
5/09/08 Bush administration admits defeat in Ricardo Palmera case Washington, D.C.
5/09/08 Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran, a working class hero passes away Philippines
5/09/08 "Anti-war protesters have a right to demonstrate at the RNC" United States
5/07/08 Upsurge in anti-occupation fighting sweeps Iraq Iraq
5/06/08 SDS-Tuscaloosa Wins, Anti-war Protesters Acquitted Tuscaloosa, AL
5/05/08 Supporters of Beijing Olympics Rally In Chicago, New York United States
5/04/08 Sit-in over, struggle against sweatshops continues Chapel Hill, NC
5/04/08 Sit-in against UNC’s ties to sweatshops ends with 5 arrests Chapel Hill, NC
5/03/08 May 1 Immigrant Rights March San José, CA
5/02/08 1,000 march on May 1st for immigrant rights St. Paul, MN