Wednesday April 25, 2018
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Published Title Location
8/23/08 Chicago Soccer Fans Launch Counter-attack Against Racism Bridgeview, IL
8/22/08 Protesters Speak Out Against McCain’s 100 Years of War Lake Forest, CA
8/14/08 St. Paul Labor endorses anti-war march St Paul, MN
8/13/08 'We finally have our permit to march on the RNC September 1' St. Paul, MN
8/12/08 Lawsuit filed in MN Court to Open up more space for Anti-war, Economic Justice Protests at RNC St. Paul, MN
8/09/08 Getting ready for Poor People’s Contingent in Sept. 1 March on the RNC Minneapolis, MN
8/03/08 Mercenaries freed, FARC carries forward fight for liberation Colombia
7/31/08 Chicago Teamsters March Again, This Time on the RNC Chicago, IL
7/30/08 Iowa: More than 1,000 march in Postville against Immigration Raid at Agriprocessor Postville, IA
7/27/08 RNC protest organizers hold 'Rock Against War' benefit concert Minneapolis, MN
7/24/08 Struggle to save Muhlenberg Hospital
7/24/08 Protest set for day 4 of RNC St. Paul, MN
7/21/08 "We will continue our fight for our right to speak out against the war at the RNC" Minneapolis, MN
7/15/08 Recession Tightens Grip on U.S. Economy San Jose, CA
7/12/08 Chicago Mobilizes to March on the RNC Chicago, IL
7/09/08 Case for RNC anti-war protest permit hits Federal Court Minneapolis, MN
7/06/08 McCain's Visit to Colombia United States
7/05/08 St Paul officials face lawsuit, violated rights of anti-war organizer leafleting at Obama rally St. Paul, MN
7/04/08 Minnesota protest demands decent permit for RNC march St. Paul, MN
6/23/08 Coalition planning anti-war protest at RNC opens office Minneapolis, MN
6/20/08 Anti-War Movement Says No to War and McCain Minneapolis, MN
6/17/08 Speaking out against Iraq occupation, for march on RNC Chicago, IL
6/15/08 SEIU convention ends, fight for reform goes on United States
6/14/08 Artist Cleared of All Charges in Precedent-setting Case Buffalo, NY
6/13/08 End to Hated Monarchy