Tuesday October 16, 2018
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12/14/08 Workers' Republic: Scenes From a Successful Factory Occupation Chicago, IL
12/08/08 Workers say “Fight back!” Chicago, IL
12/24/08 Workers on Strike Against Moncure Plywood Pittsboro, NC
11/18/08 Women in Colombia’s prisons, a view from the inside Colombia
6/05/08 Welfare Rights Committee says: "State Poverty Commission is a sham"
9/29/08 Wall Street Bailout takes a hit United States
2/12/08 Voices from the RNC protest organizing conference Minneapolis, MN
3/16/08 Video of Raul Reyes
12/06/08 Video of rally in support of Republic Windows plant occupation Chicago, IL
2/20/08 Video coverage of Organizing Conference for RNC anti-war protest Minneapolis, MN
12/09/08 Victory to the Republic Window and Door Workers! Chicago, IL
5/26/08 Victory in Contract Fight at UIC Chicago, IL
12/14/08 Victory for Smithfield Workers Tar Heel, NC
12/11/08 Victory for Republic Windows Workers and the U.S. Working Class Chicago, IL
5/07/08 Upsurge in anti-occupation fighting sweeps Iraq Iraq
11/02/08 Unemployment, Job Losses Jump in October San Jose, CA
1/28/08 UIC Workers Vote to Authorize Strike Chicago, IL
2/26/08 UIC Workers Maintain Strike Readiness Chicago, IL
1/01/08 UIC Workers Decide to Take Strike Authorization Vote Chicago, IL
5/11/08 UCLA Students March Against War, 'Seize' Campus Building Los Angeles, CA
4/01/08 U.S. Government Threatens El Salvador Solidarity Movement
8/24/08 U.S. Backs Georgian Aggression
5/01/08 Twenty thousand march for immigrant rights May 1 Chicago, IL
9/15/08 The RNC Protests - What happened and what can we learn? Minneapolis, MN
10/09/08 The Economy, People’s Struggle and the Election United States