Tuesday April 24, 2018
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5/09/08 "Anti-war protesters have a right to demonstrate at the RNC" United States
11/02/08 "Capitalist Pigs" United States
2/13/08 "Tax the rich! Stop the cuts to poor and working people."
7/21/08 "We will continue our fight for our right to speak out against the war at the RNC" Minneapolis, MN
1/16/08 'The Great Debaters' United States
8/13/08 'We finally have our permit to march on the RNC September 1' St. Paul, MN
5/02/08 1,000 march on May 1st for immigrant rights St. Paul, MN
5/20/08 16 arrested at UCLA protesting fee increase Los Angeles, CA
6/05/08 2008 Presidential Elections: Defeat McCain United States
9/04/08 30,000 march against war at the RNC St. Paul, MN
12/21/08 40th Anniversary of the Historic San Francisco State Strike San Francisco, CA
1/30/08 60 Years in Prison for Colombian Revolutionary Ricardo Palmera Washington, D.C.
8/31/08 A Freedom Road Socialist Organization welcome to the March on the RNC St. Paul, MN
3/08/08 A Salute to Comrade Raúl Reyes United States
12/14/08 Afghanistan: Another Massacre Wardak Province, Afghanistan
12/10/08 All out for protest at Bank of America United States
6/08/08 All Out for Sept. 1 RNC protest United States
3/08/08 Andy Stern's A Country That Works and the struggle in SEIU United States
9/12/08 Anti-war march challenges McCain on last day of RNC St. Paul, MN
6/20/08 Anti-War Movement Says No to War and McCain Minneapolis, MN
4/01/08 Anti-war movement, progressives unite for protest at RNC Minneapolis, MN
9/06/08 Anti-war protest on Day 4 of RNC St. Paul, MN
11/30/08 Anti-war protesters say: "Close the SOA, End the occupations" Milwaukee, WI
2/20/08 Arroyo is ripe for ouster by the broad mass movement Philippines
6/14/08 Artist Cleared of All Charges in Precedent-setting Case Buffalo, NY