Friday August 12, 2022
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4/03/22 General strike in India India
6/19/22 Pro-choice activists rally in Jackson, Mississippi, defend Roe Jackson, MS
1/07/22 FL Gov. DeSantis spreads lies, Jax community members disrupt his press conference Jacksonville, FL
5/07/22 Thousands rally in Jacksonville for reproductive justice Jacksonville, FL
6/29/22 Over 1000 march in Jacksonville in defense of reproductive rights Jacksonville, FL
2/05/22 UPS Teamsters fight against wage cuts Lansing, MI
7/10/22 Thousands of Portuguese workers rally against inflation and stagnant wages Lisbon, Portugal
4/13/22 One-year anniversary: 911 call to save Los Angeles Chicano man results in death Los Angeles, CA
1/04/22 LAPD kills 2 inside of crowded store, 14-year-old dead Los Angeles, CA
4/23/22 Los Angeles: 7th annual May Day set for Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
5/25/22 March and rally held to demand justice for Edgar Ortiz Los Angeles, CA
7/04/22 California: Boyle Heights rallies for reproductive rights Los Angeles, CA
2/11/22 Los Angles: Check the Sheriff! Los Angeles, CA
5/09/22 ‘Ban off our bodies’ protest ended in Homeland Security, LAPD attack Los Angeles, CA
6/24/22 Press conference for Andres Guardado, killed by LA Sheriff deputy Los Angeles, CA
8/06/22 LA Supervisors vote to place sheriff accountability measure on November 8 ballot Los Angeles, CA
1/12/22 Los Angeles demands justice for Valentina Orellana-Peralta Los Angeles, CA
5/07/22 Los Angles: Boyle Heights celebrates May Day with march and rally Los Angeles, CA
5/22/22 Boyle Heights school fights and wins against privatization threat Los Angeles, CA
3/30/22 Sol Marquez of FRSO speaks out on International Women’s Day Los Angeles, CA
5/25/22 Los Angeles victory: One step closer to winning community control over LA County Sheriff’s Department Los Angeles, CA
4/07/22 Centro CSO hosts 5th annual International Women's Day Event Los Angeles, CA
6/09/22 Letter to trans youth: Louisiana’s sports ban won’t defeat us Louisiana
7/20/22 Thousands celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution Managua, Nicaragua
2/17/22 Miami demands ‘Free Alex Saab’ Miami