Tuesday July 7, 2015
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2/25/15 Republicans shove ‘Right to Work’ through Senate labor committee Madison, WI
6/10/15 McKinney protesters rally against police attack on pool party McKinney, TX
4/22/15 Miami protests performance of pro-occupation Israeli singer Miami, FL
2/19/15 Milwaukee students march through campus to protest budget cuts Milwaukee, WI
6/27/15 Milwaukee workers and youth picket county executive’s luncheon Milwaukee, WI
3/20/15 Milwaukee killer cop tries to get job back Milwaukee, WI
5/20/15 Wisconsin right-wing politicians move to take over Milwaukee Public Schools Milwaukee, WI
7/02/15 Solidarity with the Amalgamated Transit Union 998! Support the work stoppage! Milwaukee, WI
4/07/15 Caravana 43 in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
2/21/15 Wisconsin Republicans attempt to push through ‘Right to Work,’ protests planned Milwaukee, WI
5/06/15 UWM students protest against budget cuts Milwaukee, WI
2/23/15 Milwaukee protests proposed anti-worker ‘right to work’ law Milwaukee, WI
6/30/15 Milwaukee bus drivers vote to strike Milwaukee, WI
7/03/15 Large rally on day two of Milwaukee transit strike Milwaukee, WI
5/05/15 Milwaukee May Day march opposes Governor Walker’s agenda Milwaukee, WI
5/17/15 Milwaukee marks Al-Nakba Milwaukee, WI
2/24/15 Milwaukee protests proposed anti-worker ‘right to work’ law Milwaukee, WI
2/08/15 Milwaukee students protest Gov. Walker’s budget cuts, take over student union Milwaukee, WI
7/01/15 Milwaukee transit workers shut down bus lines, demanding a fair contract Milwaukee, WI
7/04/15 Striking Milwaukee bus drivers picket county executive's luxury condo Milwaukee, WI
2/24/15 Milwaukee labor stands against ‘right to work’ Milwaukee, WI
3/06/15 Celebrate International Women's Day in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
4/05/15 Marquette students demand scholarship fund for undocumented Milwaukee, WI
2/01/15 Defeat ‘Right to Work for less’ Milwaukee, WI
5/09/15 Milwaukee students sit in to protest cuts Milwaukee, WI