Friday February 12, 2016
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1/08/16 Greek Unions Call for General Strike! Athens, Greece
2/03/16 Georgia students occupy universities to protest racist Supreme Court decision Atlanta, GA
2/01/16 Hundreds march in Austin for Black Lives Matter Austin, TX
2/06/16 5000 march to oppose layoffs in Chicago Public Schools Chicago, IL
1/20/16 Chicago Teachers Union honors Rev. Sekou of Ferguson, Sekou honors Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
1/19/16 Illinois governor breaks off contract negotiations with AFSCME Chicago, IL
1/03/16 Interview with traveler to Cuba: ‘It was like no other place we’ve ever been’ Chicago, IL
2/03/16 Chicago Teachers reject city contract proposal, call for protest Chicago, IL
1/24/16 Message from Hubert Ballesteros, Colombian unionist and political prisoner, to North American labor and solidarity activists Colombia
1/26/16 Celebrations as Colombian political prisoner Lily Obando officially released Colombia
2/01/16 Greek Communists say “The people’s resistance can block the political line of the government” Greece
1/18/16 Greek general strike set for Feb. 4 Greece
1/06/16 Sandra Bland activists demand justice; Texas Trooper indicted, fired Hempstead, TX
1/31/16 Students and activists in Houston demand justice for Sandra Bland Houston, TX
2/10/16 SDS calls to ‘Dump Trump!’ at University of Houston, students oppose Republican debate Houston, TX
1/19/16 The Force Awakens marks a fresh (and progressive) start for the Star Wars series Jacksonville, Fl
2/10/16 Jacksonville mobilizes for protests against Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
1/23/16 Racism and cynical politics are the real horror in Eli Roth's The Green Inferno Jacksonville, FL
1/05/16 Lebanese resistance hits Israeli military Lebanon
2/11/16 LAPD kills teenager in Boyle Heights, CA Los Angeles, CA
1/21/16 Centro CSO stands with Black community at MLK parade in Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
1/22/16 LA’s Centro CSO starts 2016 fighting for Deferred Action for all! Los Angeles, CA
1/09/16 Zuckerman vs. Hoffa for Teamster Presidency Louisville, KY
1/22/16 Wisconsin mobilization against proposed anti-immigrant laws Madison, WI
1/11/16 Anti-war activists rally in Miami to close Guantanamo torture prison Miami, FL