Saturday August 24, 2019
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Published Titlesort icon Location
2/28/19 Grand Rapids Police caught lying Grand Rapids, MI
4/27/19 Government report indicates signs of weakness in economy San José, CA
5/30/19 Garland, TX community confronts school board over trafficked teachers Garland, TX
1/29/19 Fyre Fest, scams and capitalist art Jacksonville, FL
4/23/19 FRSO: Building a new and revolutionary student movement Jacksonville, FL
5/06/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with trade union leader Caracas, Venezuela
4/29/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with Minister of Communes Caracas
4/28/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with communist leaders Caracas, Venezuela
7/23/19 FRSO sends delegation to the Sao Paolo Forum Caracas, Venezuela
3/28/19 FRSO mobilizes against U.S. wars and racism Washington D.C.
8/04/19 FRSO leader slams racist mass murder in El Paso Washington DC
7/31/19 FRSO leader meets with Secretary General of ALBA: Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/19 FRSO leader Jess Sundin speaks on International Women’s Day Minneapolis, MN
3/12/19 FRSO International Women’s Day rally in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
5/11/19 FRSO greets Workers World Party meeting Newark, NJ
3/18/19 FRSO event on Marxist perspective of the U.S.-orchestrated coup attempt in Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
5/20/19 FRSO denounces the illegal arrest of Colombian peace negotiator Jesus Santrich, demands his immediate liberation United States
5/01/19 FRSO delegation at mega May Day rally in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
1/12/19 FRSO congratulates Nicolás Maduro on his second term United States
1/24/19 FRSO Condemns U.S. Intervention in Venezuela United States
2/24/19 From “humanitarian” intervention to military intervention Colombia
4/05/19 Freedom Road Socialist Organization greets New People’s Army on 50th anniversary of founding United States
1/08/19 Freedom now for PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat Palestine
2/26/19 Frank Chapman speaks in Minneapolis about Black liberation and socialism Minneapolis, MN
1/09/19 Frank Chapman condemns shameful and cowardly decision to revoke award to Angela Davis Chicago, IL