Saturday May 30, 2020
| Last update: Friday at 9:57 PM


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5/15/20 UPS Teamsters plan call-in to demand hazard pay Salt Lake City, UT
5/06/20 UPS Q1 profits near $1 billion, hazard pay needed Lansing, MI
4/11/20 UPS and coronavirus: Teamsters speak out Lansing, MI
5/28/20 Uprising underway in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/30/20 University of Wisconsin nurses seek community support for union effort Madison, WI
4/10/20 University of Minnesota freezes pay for non-union staff Minneapolis, MN
2/15/20 UNF SDS stands up against Madeleine Albright and administration Jacksonville, FL
4/10/20 Unemployment Insurance claims near record high as 6.6 million filed last week San José, CA
4/03/20 Unemployment Insurance claims double in one week San José, CA
3/20/20 Unemployment Insurance applications surge San José, CA
5/09/20 Unemployment highest since the Great Depression San Jose, CA
4/18/20 Undocumented New Yorkers left out of COVID-19 relief New York, NY
5/21/20 UNAC denounces any attempts by the US to stop shipments of Iranian fuel to Venezuela Venezuela
3/21/20 U.S. Teamsters get warm welcome at Venezuela’s Canaima laptop plant Caracas, Venezuela
2/26/20 U.S. stocks fall for second day San José, CA
3/22/20 U.S. stock market has worst week since 2008 San José, CA
5/06/20 U.S. mercenaries captured in Venezuela Chicago, IL
3/29/20 U.S. Imperialism Pulls Desperate Move in Venezuela United States
2/01/20 U.S. and European stocks fall again to end the week San Jose, CA
2/26/20 Twin Cities demand release of Myon Burrell Minneapolis, MN
4/14/20 Turkey: A call from the Labor Party (EMEP): Let’s stop carrying this outdated system Turkey
1/06/20 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Iran! Tucson, AZ
1/01/20 Trump to be met with protest at Milwaukee visit Milwaukee, WI
1/06/20 Trump commits multiple murder in line with U.S. imperialist terrorism United States
5/09/20 Transgender solidarity from Louisiana to Uganda New Orleans, LA