Friday September 22, 2017
| Last update: Thursday at 4:18 PM


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6/09/17 Anti-War Committee to join Saturday protest against anti-Muslim bigots Saint Paul, MN
4/06/17 Anti-war leader denounces Trump’s attack on Syria Minneapolis, MN
8/06/17 Aramark launder workers win big through struggle La Crosse, WI
8/01/17 Aramark laundry workers walk off the job La Crosse, WI
8/26/17 Arizona immigrant rights leader slams Trumps pardon of ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio Tucson, AZ
1/23/17 Arlington, TX students march against Trump Arlington, TX
1/23/17 Arlington, TX students march against Trump Arlington, TX
1/23/17 Arlington, TX students march against Trump Arlington, TX
5/20/17 AT&T Wireless, Wireline and DIRECTV workers walk off the job nationwide Chicago, IL
1/12/17 Atlanta protest set for Trump Inauguration Day Atlanta, GA
7/25/17 ATU bus drivers shut down west Michigan politicians Grand Rapids, Michigan
1/24/17 ATU Locals 241, 308 vs. Chicago Transit Authority Chicago, IL
2/09/17 AxleTech workers go on strike Oshkosh, WI
2/19/17 Big demonstration of farmers and workers in Athens Athens, Greece
2/27/17 Bill to expand welfare in MN progresses at capitol St. Paul, MN
9/13/17 Black and Brown unite to demand LA district attorney prosecute killer cops Los Angeles, CA
5/04/17 Boyle Heights May Day protest demands end to deportations and police killings Los Angeles, CA
1/06/17 Broad coalition to protest on inauguration day in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/28/17 Build the fight against Trump’s attacks Minneapolis, MN
6/23/17 Charges dropped against Ariel Vences Lopez from arrest on Minneapolis light rail Minneapolis, MN
6/02/17 Charges dropped: The Jacksonville 5 win Jacksonville, FL
5/26/17 Charter teachers reach tentative agreement with Passages, narrowly averting first charter school strike in U.S. history Chicago, IL
6/11/17 Chicago charter school union votes to unify with Chicago Teachers Union Chicago, IL
8/16/17 Chicago protest in solidarity with Charlottesville: ‘Drive Trump from office!’ Chicago, IL
6/18/17 Chicago protest slams acquittal of the cop that killed Philando Castile in Minnesota Chicago, IL