Tuesday March 28, 2023
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1/15/23 New Yorkers say no to NATO New York, NY
3/17/23 36 newly elected Police District Councilors endorse Brandon Johnson Chicago, IL
1/24/23 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade marked in Madison, WI Madison, WI
2/18/23 55 Years after Florida’s 35,000-teacher walkout, education is still under attack Tampa, FL
2/12/23 After the earthquake: End the U.S. war on Syria once and for all Minneapolis, MN
2/13/23 Against Trotskyism: Revolution in two stages United States
2/19/23 Against Trotskyism: Socialism in one country United States
2/05/23 Against Trotskyism: The theory of permanent revolution United States
3/20/23 Against Trotskyism: The united front United States
3/12/23 Against Trotskyism: Trotsky and the Chinese Revolution United States
2/26/23 Against Trotskyism: Trotsky and the Soviet Union United States
1/31/23 Against Trotskyism: Trotsky vs. Lenin United States
1/22/23 Against Trotskyism: What is Trotskyism? United States
1/19/23 All eyes on Chicago in the fight for community control of the police Chicago
3/12/23 Appleton, WI: Students and community celebrate International Women’s Day Appleton, WI
3/24/23 Arlington, Texas: Students demand administration take steps to support diversity programs Arlington, TX
1/22/23 Atlanta demonstrates to honor Manny Paez, demand Cop City be stopped Atlanta, GA
3/09/23 Austin students rally for International Women’s Day Austin, TX
3/23/23 Behind the failure of Silicon Valley Bank San Jose, CA
2/19/23 Black Is Back Coalition holds webinar on FBI Repression New York City, NY
2/03/23 Black Lives Matter-LA protest calls for “No cops in traffic stops!” Venice, CA
1/18/23 Book ban battle turns up stalemate in Rapides, Louisiana Alexandria, LA
2/26/23 Bus operator fights Chicago Transit Authority transphobia Chicago, IL
3/16/23 Caracas struggles for food sovereignty against the U.S. blockade Caracas, Venezuela
2/08/23 Celebrate International Women's Day! Defend reproductive rights! Fight for women's rights! United States