Wednesday December 2, 2020
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6/19/20 July 31 cutoff looms for unemployed San José, CA
6/05/20 Don’t believe the hype: Unemployment increased in May San José, CA
8/14/20 Trump says congressional relief deal ‘is not going to happen’ San José, CA
2/25/20 Reality check on Wall Street San José, CA
6/26/20 Economic crisis deepens as pandemic surges San Jose, CA
1/28/20 Stocks fall around the world San José, CA
6/04/20 New claims for state unemployment insurance 1.9 million in last week of May San José, CA
7/24/20 $600 unemployment benefits expire as more workers lose jobs San José, CA
3/24/20 What the federal government needs to do as crisis deepens San José, CA
3/07/20 COVID-19 fears trump job gains, U.S. stocks fall again San José, CA
5/01/20 Recent Unemployment Insurance claims top 30 million San José, CA
3/22/20 U.S. stock market has worst week since 2008 San José, CA
3/04/20 Federal Reserve rate cut can’t stop stocks from falling again San José, CA
7/02/20 Unemployment insurance claims show crisis continuing San Jose, CA
7/28/20 Republicans propose $400 a week cut from unemployment benefits San Jose, CA
3/16/20 Stock market crash: First data on economy shows massive decline San Jose, CA
2/28/20 Fall in stock prices gathers speed San Jose, CA
5/21/20 3.6 million more applied for unemployment last week San Jose, CA
9/25/20 Layoffs continue as economic crisis drags on San Jose, CA
3/10/20 Stocks plunge on COVID-19 fears San José, CA
3/12/20 Stock market crushed after Trump’s speech San Jose, CA
11/13/20 COVID hospitalizations and deaths surge as economic crisis deepens San Jose, CA
8/07/20 Job growth slows in July San José, CA
9/06/20 Job growth continues to slow in August San José, CA
10/16/20 Unemployment insurance claims up more than 50,000 in one week San José, CA