Monday April 27, 2015
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4/01/15 PFLP condemns U.S. supported aggression on Yemen Yemen
3/02/15 SDS Statement in Solidarity with Anti-Right to Work Protests in Wisconsin Wisconsin
2/08/15 Indiana refinery workers on strike Whiting, IN
2/03/15 China opposed to Obama, Dalai Lama meeting at U.S. National Prayer Breakfast Washington, DC
1/22/15 No assistance for long-term unemployed Washington, D.C.
1/31/15 High unemployment persists in California, Mississippi, other states, and Washington DC Washington D.C.
3/23/15 Anti-war protest in Washington D.C. Washington D.C.
2/05/15 A farewell statement by Dr. Sami A. Al-Arian upon being deported from the U.S. United States
3/03/15 Celebrate International Women’s Day 2015 United States
2/12/15 PFLP denounces racist murder of Arab students in United States, holds US government responsible United States
1/30/15 Saudi oil and U.S. hypocrisy United States
2/02/15 Fight Back! interviews Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera’s lawyer United States
3/07/15 Freedom for Rasmea Odeh this International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015 United States
2/03/15 WFTU in solidarity with workers in U.S. oil refineries United States
4/21/15 Celebrate International Workers' Day 2015 with Struggle! United States
2/27/15 Undocumented and unarmed farmworker Antonio Zambrano-Montes murdered by Pasco Police United States
3/24/15 Support the Colombian Peace Process, Free Ricardo Palmera! United States
2/16/15 Rasmea Odeh speaks to Tucson, Arizona solidarity activists Tucson, AZ
2/14/15 Tampa stands with Rasmea Odeh Tampa, FL
2/23/15 Tampa event opposes U.S. war and political repression Tampa, FL
3/31/15 Tampa students stand against U.S. intervention Tampa, FL
3/10/15 Freedom Road Socialist Organization hosts International Women's Day in Tampa Tampa, FL
4/13/15 Tampa protest disrupts event honoring Israeli Occupation Forces Tampa, FL
3/02/15 Tampa immigrant rights group protests Tampa city council, pushes for drivers licenses for all Tampa, FL
3/11/15 Tampa students disrupt FBI recruitment Tampa, FL