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Dallas fights for immigrant rights: ‘Biden, we are still here’

By staff |
September 11, 2022

Dallas, TX - In a response to the call to action by the Legalization for all Network, on August 27, a protest marked the 52nd anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium by speaking out in defense of the local immigrant community.

"We are still here!" went the call from the speaker of La Frontera Nos Cruzó. In the wake of the horrific overturning of Roe v. Wade, millions of Texan immigrants' status hangs anxiously in anticipation of the next move of the United States Supreme Court. The speaker from La Frontera Nos Cruzó spoke on the need for legalization for all now, the historical context of Latinos and Chicanos existence in North America, and the imperialist nature of U.S. intervention in nearly every country lying south of its borders.

A representative of Malaya Movement Texas and Dallas Committee For Human Rights In The Philippines declared, "You and I are not our borders. We must deconstruct the root causes of forced migration by constructing self-determination for all people - both for the occupied Chicano, Black and indigenous nations within the present American state, and for all peoples of the world."

Another speaker, from The Party Of Socialism And Liberation, made the point in their speech, "The Dream Act has never passed. It’s only been a proposal for going on 21 years now."

The rally demanded legalization for all on August 27 at the foot of the Dallas federal courthouse. They demanded the solidification of protections on immigrants who flock to this country on the fairy tale promises for a better life but find doubt and worry in the halls of a so-called "justice" system.

The protest was organized by La Frontera Nos Cruzó, Malaya Movement Texas, Dallas Committee For Human Rights In The Philippines, Palestinian Youth Movement, and The Party For Socialism And Liberation.