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Michigan people’s march in Lansing

By staff |
March 23, 2021
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Michigan people’s march.
Michigan people’s march. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Lansing, MI - On Saturday, March 20, hundreds of protesters gathered in southwest Lansing to unite against police crimes, eviction, ICE detention centers, military intervention and capitalism. 17 groups hosted the event in Risdale Park.

The overarching theme of protest speakers was that workers and oppressed people’s struggles are united. The speaker from Movimiento Cosecha, Soleada Pauli, stated, “We used to say, ‘your struggle is my struggle,’” adding, “It’s our struggle. Workers against this capitalist, patriarchal, racist system.”

This attitude of collective struggle was echoed by Tristan Taylor of Detroit Will Breathe, who said, “We cannot substitute ourselves for the masses. We have to understand that our job is to fight alongside people, not on their behalf.”

The protesters took to the street after the speakers concluded, marching through and leafleting in working-class neighborhoods in southwest Lansing. The protesters stopped at the intersection of Jolly Road and Martin Luther King Boulevard before returning to Risdale Park. Several groups announced upcoming marches and protests.