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Oppose Israel’s banning of popular Palestinian groups

A statement by Palestine Solidarity Committee of Grand Rapids, MI
Statement by staff |
November 16, 2021
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Palestine Solidarity of Grand Rapids, MI.

The Palestine Solidarity Committee of Grand Rapids condemns the designation of six Palestinian human rights groups as “terrorist organizations” by the Israeli state. Israel, a puppet regime of the United States, has claimed these groups as linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), forcing them into clandestine underground operations. We are calling on the United States to denounce the unsubstantiated claims of terrorism, which are used as a weapon against reporting the daily abuses committed by Israel.

The arbitrary and unjust “terrorist” label was applied to Bisan Center, Addameer, Al-Haq, Defense for Children International-Palestine, the Union for Agricultural Work Committees and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committee. The groups are all recognized and given financial support by the European Union.

The Biden administration has shown no sign of ceasing its support for Israel. The United States remains Israel’s closest ally amid mounting concerns and an unprecedented wave of protests this year over the relationship between the two countries. Yet two months ago, $1 billion was approved by the US House of Representatives for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system with overwhelming bipartisan support.

The continued funding of Israel by the United States allows the country to carry on its egregious violations of human rights against Palestinians. If the United States claims to care about human rights across the world, as it so often does, it should sever ties with Israel. The Biden administration’s complicity must end now. We stand in solidarity with organizations across the country who have spoken out against these allegations.