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Minneapolis: Supporters join Matthew Rupert to fight arson charges stemming from uprising

By staff |
September 30, 2020
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Minneapolis, MN - The Minnesota Uprising Arrestee Support (MUAS) and other Twin Cities residents joined Matthew Rupert in court September 30 as he continues to fight federal arson charges stemming from this summer’s rebellion. Supporters stood behind Rupert in court to demand the charges against Rupert and all uprising defendants be dropped.

The highlight of the hearing was the testimony of FBI Special Agent Stephens who is the FBI’s weapons of mass destruction coordinator. Stephens testified that no weapons of mass destruction were used during the uprising except for, perhaps, the CS gas used by law enforcement, which is outlawed in international conflict.

“They are trying to get him for aiding and abetting for something he didn’t do,” said Rupert’s fiancé, who was present for the hearing. “He never even flicked a lighter and they are trying to give him 11 years.”

“If convicted, Rupert is potentially facing more time than [George Floyd’s murderer] Derek Chauvin,” said Jordan Kushner, Rupert’s lawyer.

“Choosing to continue to prosecute these cases is choosing to uplift the injustice of the status quo in spite of the needs of the communities most negatively impacted,” said Paul Estate, a supporter of the arrestee.