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Denver labor rally calls for justice for George Floyd, victims of police violence

By staff |
June 7, 2020
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Denver, CO - Protests for George Floyd and other victims of police violence have continued into their second week in Denver, with thousands joining the struggle for justice. Saturday, June 6 saw a coalition of numerous labor unions join together to demand justice. Speakers from Teamsters Local 455, SEIU Local 105 and CWA Local 7777 emphasized the need for unity between the labor movement and anti-racist groups, noting that solidarity between the two groups is essential to ending police terror.

Zee Rainey, a steward from Teamsters Local 455 stated, “There’s no hate unless we divide.” The group then marched to the capitol building and joined up with an estimated 1000 protesters, where speeches continued.

When the fight against police takes the form of community control of the police, it begins to echo the political dynamic of the labor movement; civilian police accountability councils and labor unions both protect the masses by offering real consequences to enemies of the people. As Rainey notes during his speech, “I’m for the people. I’m for the union that cares about the people, and all my brothers and sisters here with me today are for the people.”