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Day six of Arizona migrant aid trial sees RedForEd solidarity

By Jim Byrne |
June 6, 2019
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Arizona teachers protest prosecution of  humanitarian activist Scott Warren.
Arizona teachers protest prosecution of humanitarian activist Scott Warren. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Tucson, AZ - On June 6, nearly 150 people gathered outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Tucson to demonstrate solidarity with humanitarian activist Scott Warren. Warren, an Arizona State University geography professor from the border town of Ajo, is facing 20 years in federal prison for providing humanitarian aid to crossing immigrants.

“It is clear that this is an attack by the Trump administration on not just migrants and undocumented immigrants but organizers and aid providers. It is gross political repression. And we are here to protest that attack,” said immigrant rights organizer Jessica Rodriguez.

The organization No More Deaths/No Más Muertos has been chronicling daily summations of the trial on their Twitter account. They detail the extensive network of providers, shelters and organizations covering the borderlands to ensure the survival of migrants fleeing political violence and economic desperation – woes predominantly connected to U.S. imperialist policies in Mexico and Central America.

Many of the protesters were educators and union members of the Arizona Education Association (AEA). The RedForEd movement supports the public education of all students no matter their documentation status.