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Sacred Stone Spirit resistance camp

By staff |
August 27, 2016
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Encampment opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline
(Fight Back! News/Staff)
Encampment opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline
Encampment opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline

Cannon Ball, ND - As the sun came up behind the clouds, Aug. 26, the camp was already stirring in one of the two main Sacred Stone Spirit resistance camps. Flags of different colors and designs flapped in the morning wind, advertising the multitude of different indigenous peoples represented at the camp. Thousands have traveled to the site to stand in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock as they oppose a pipeline’s threat to the water and land of their people, and millions of others down the Missouri River.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.78 billion project by Dakota Access LLC, which belongs to Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners. The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline is 1172 miles and will connect oil production areas in North Dakota and Illinois. The DAP is only seven miles shorter than the proposed Keystone XL pipeline (which was defeated).

The Standing Rock Nation has invited indigenous and non-indigenous peoples to join them in solidarity to stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The occupation and resistance camps have averaged 2000 to 4000-plus people. Currently 87 tribal nations from across the Dakotas and the U.S. have officially taken action to support Standing Rock’s opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A combined camp morning meeting included speakers from many nations speaking on the need to protect sacred water and protect Mother Earth. Each spoke passionately and resolutely about the need to continue the encampment and resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline and oil corporations that are greedily seeking to destroy precious land and water for their own profit.