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Missouri Gov. Nixon proclaims ‘state of emergency’ in Ferguson

Authorities want to repress fight to get justice for Michael Brown
By Michael L. Sampson II |
August 16, 2014
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Gov. Nixon proclaiming ‘state of emergency’ in Ferguson
Gov. Nixon proclaiming ‘state of emergency’ in Ferguson (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Ferguson, MO - Governor Jay Nixon, a democrat, held a press conference here, Aug. 16, where he announced a state of emergency in Ferguson, placing the town under a curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. This announcement comes on the heels of peaceful protesters being tear gassed by riot police in the early morning hours.

The press conference turned into utter chaos when the state of emergency announcement was made, as members of the crowd yelled, "Why hasn't the killer cop been charged?" and "Why hasn't Darren Wilson been indicted? Answer the question! Stop killing our people, police, and stop it now!"

Members of the community are angry at this decision. The press conference barely addressed the investigation into the killing Michael Brown at the hands of white police and only focused on suppressing uproar from the Ferguson communities pursuit of justice.

This reporter was able to talk to Justin Hansford, a Black law professor at Saint Louis University, who was present at the press conference. Hansford said, "The person who is supposed to prosecute the officer who killed Michael Brown has a notorious bias against Black men."