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Twin Cities Fight Back! fundraising event major success

By staff |
January 27, 2014
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Mick Kelly, editor of Fight Back! speaking at fundraising event
Mick Kelly, editor of Fight Back! speaking at fundraising event (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN – More than 40 people came together here, Jan. 25 for an event to raise funds for Fight Back! newspaper. The house party netted close to $2000. Steff Yorek, who helped organize the fundraiser, stated, “The event exceeded our expectations. It’s clear that people want to help build a revolutionary newspaper that builds the people’s struggle.”

The event included brief toasts from leaders in the trade union, anti-war, low-income and student movements, who stressed the accomplishments of the paper and the commitment to build Fight Back! in the coming year. Linden Gawboy, an event organizer and member of the Welfare Rights Committee, stated, “We need the print edition of Fight Back!. We use it during our outreach at the welfare offices and in the community. Most of our folks don’t have the internet. A lot of people don’t even have phones for half the month. We need a printed paper that tells the truth and clearly states what needs to be done.”

Also speaking at the event was Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly who said that the real heroes who have made the newspaper a success are those who in the thick of building the people’s struggle. Kelly urged attendees to read the internet edition of Fight Back! every day and to forward the articles in social media. He also said that the next print edition would be distributed in many workplaces and communities across the U.S.

Fight Back! is a tool for change. It is tools to help us in our collective effort to get rid of, to destroy capitalism and replace it with socialism,” said Kelly.